We Rank The Top 30 NBA Teams By How Many Lebron James’ They Have

LeBron is life, LeBron is basketball, and it’s said that wherever two or more people are gathered in his name, LeBron is with them. But is it really possible to define or even “locate” LeBron James? We’re going to do the hard work for you: Here the top thirty NBA teams ranked by how many LeBron Jameses they have.


  1. The Cavs

The Cavs have had many LeBrons, thin-bearded LeBrons, fuzzy-bearded LeBrons, long-bearded LeBrons, bald-faced LeBrons — all the way back to when he was a kid, cheering them on at Gund Arena. LeBron will always be in the Cavs’ hearts, despite those hearts being broken from his absence.


  1. The Bulls

The Bulls don’t really have LeBron, but back in the day they had a guy named Michael Jordan who historians say may have been the LeBron of his time.


  1. The Heat

Had him, lost him…still got him? Sorry – this Miami club is too loud for us to think!


  1. The Cavaliers

Different from the Cavs and are LeBron-less. If you know, you know.


  1. The Pacers

Wouldn’t LeBron look great in blue and gold? Indiana thinks so. (Is it possible they already have LeBron? Is that why they’re not in the playoffs?)


  1. The Jacksonville Jaguars

People say that if LeBron weren’t in the NBA, he’d make a terrific tight end. Let’s put it to the super-test with Jacksonville. Also: Lawrence to the Lakers.


  1. The Tune Squad

LeBron carrying a team of undisciplined Looney Tunes in Hollywood? What is this, the Lakers?

  1. The L.A. Kings

LeBron will likely never play for the Kings. Still, they share an arena, so we’ll give them one LeBron.


10–29. Several Teams

Because isn’t LeBron James “America’s team” wherever he is? Can’t we all lay claim to him? Rumor has it that LeBron will suit up for any team photo in the U.S., abroad, or space (of course) as long as they give him two days’ notice. And if he returns to L.A. exhausted, no problem — he’ll sit out!


  1. The Lakers

Nah — not if Russell Westbrook is there.